My name is Kirill Sanzarovec and it will be my pleasure to develop your online presence.

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Digital Marketing Professional with 8+ years' of experience in E-Commerce strategic marketing and online business development. For more information, past expereince and recomendations, please feel free to check my LinkedIn or UpWork profile.

Lead Generation

Great experience in lead generation through organic, paid, referral and affiliate traffic. Proven cases of CR and ROI increase.


Diverse experience in managing and guiding team of professionals, such as copywriters, designers, web developers and marketers.


Lecturing and teaching students, providing workshops, conferences and trainings for beginners and professionals.


Writing my book about Digitalisation of Luxury Industry, where I describe different techniques, strategies and best practices towards developing a luxury brand online.


MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management (SKEMA Business School). BA in Business Administration and Management (University of Huddersfield).


Professional swimmer in the past. Theatre acting, beach volleyball player, diamond overwatch rank (pc game). books, traveling, cycling, sci-fi movies.


You Are Treated Special

  • “Kirill is an experienced, confident member of the team who has a lot to contribute in online marketing. He has a wealth of knowledge to pass on to other members of the team ”

    —Sean T.

  • “Kirill is passionate about connecting with people across international cultures, which makes his knowledge and experience truly global.”

    —Jonas H.

  • “It's always great to work with a person that combines great social and professional skills, and Kirill is definitely one of those few ”

    —Graham F.

  • “Kirill really knows his stuff when it comes to online marketing, with great knowledge on the technical side of SEO, as well as vast PPC experience with both Google AdWords and Bing Ads”

    —Matthew S.

  • “Kirill had a great impact on the online side of our business. His knowledge and experience have helped to transform our international websites and traffic channels in the most significant way ”

    —Kishan G.